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Site of the Day — Gif Lingua

Everyone is familiar with GIFs. A GIF is basically an image file format that is animated by combining several other images or frames into a single file. GIFs are all over the Internet on blogs and social media, and are part of what makes news and entertainment sites like Buzzfeed very popular. And now they are also being used in language learning by Gif Lingua. Gif Lingua is a site created by David Deubelbeiss, who is also a key person behind the excellent English Central. Gif Lingua has over 3,000 'books' at different levels, although they aren't books in the traditional sense, or even e-books. A Gif Lingua book consists of a number of pages (usually 20 or fewer), each with a sentence in written and audio form, illustrated by a GIF. The site has tons more features, including quizzes and videos, and works on any device. There's even a web app. New books are added every day, and users can create their own books too.

Gif lingua

Gif Lingua is a really original site that makes reading fun. Definitely worth checking out!